Recap of the #DWCC14

DWCCFrom October 30 to November 2, I had the chance to participate to the DWCC (Digital Wine Communications Conference). Since this event was 100% english-speaking, I decided to challenge myself a bit and write this post in english. I’m not a native speaker (and, even worse, French), so please, be gentle. Oh and, by the way, I’m going to spend 3 months (hopefully more) in London next year so it might not be my  last english post.

Let’s go back to the DWCC !

DWCCFirst, what is it ? I’ll let the organizers explain it way better than I would : “We will bring together wine professionals and wine lovers of all backgrounds from around the world to meet in Montreux (….) Our goal is to create a network of wine
communicators across the globe to spread information, broaden the culture of wine, improve industry standards, and above all else, create a physical space to communicate and share ideas.”
Formerly named EWBC, this year’s edition was the 7th (and certainly not the last according to the participant’s satisfaction rate).


But, first of all, the DWCC is a place where you can…



  • Participate to some amazing tastings with Swiss, Russian, Chilean, Armenian, Hungarian, Greek…wines
  • Have a smoke with a fellow winelover from Netherlands, Turky, Finland, England, Portugal, USA, Belgium…
  • Be stuck to your smartphone in society without being rude
  • Dance on a 80’s playlist with a definitely 80’s DJ without any shame
  • Be overly-obsessed about the wi-fi connection
  • Hear Jancis Robinson say that the only reason
    DWCCher generation procreated was to have technical support at home
  • Share a “fondue” with a winemaker
  • Get out of your confort zone and acquire an international vision
  • Sleep 3 hours per night
  • …and drink as many Nespressos as wine glasses per day
  • Complain all day about the swiss electrical outlets
  • Feel considered whatever your social status is (trust me, as a student, I’m currently the proud owner of the lowest status of all)
  • Take 50 pictures of the “Lac Léman” per day (clouds, fogs, sunnyDWCC, sunset, sunrise, panoramic view, selfie, with ducks, without ducks, with ducks AND swans, with ducks AND swans AND seagulls, Instagram filter, no filter, by night, DWCC participants swimming in it…)
  • And a selfie with Freddy Mercury
  • Say “And you, what do you do ?” approximately 50 times a day
  • Earn chocolate for questions at a seminar
  • Want to come back next year even if you’re just on your way back home

twitterFollow them on Twitter : @DigitalWineCom @swisswinepromo

As for the music, I had a really hard time finding the perfect song because, as you can see below, we might have drunk way too much wine…




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